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Can I Get A Payday Loan To Pay For My Bankruptcy?

One of the most frequent questions Clients ask is: “Can I Get A Payday Loan To Pay For My Bankruptcy?” The short answer is “yes,” but it is much more complex than that.   To begin with, the Bankruptcy Code prohibits Bankruptc… Read More
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How to File Bankruptcy Without an Attorney

First and foremost, filing bankruptcy without an attorney can be a daunting task. Furthermore, doing so without the legal knowledge necessary to properly prepare your case can lead to devastating financial losses including the loss of your property a… Read More
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Saving Your Home in Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

There is nothing quite as frightening as the prospect of losing your home. When you are served with foreclosure papers, a thousand thoughts race through your mind. Unfortunately, once a mortgage lender decides to foreclose in Ohio, there aren’t… Read More
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Types of Bankruptcy

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